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Mr. Vikram Jit Singh

Mr. Singh is highly professional management personnel, who has been in the healthcare business for more than 25 years. He has worked with various healthcare setups, including the top multi-specialty hospitals in India and Africa. In his past assignments, he has identified and solved problems that are critical to the health sector.

With his ability to ascertain and analyze needs, forecast goals, streamline operations and conceive the new concept, he has created a niche in the industry. With excellent communication and interpersonal skills, he has effectively managed, collaborated, and created positive relationships with doctors, staff, industry partners, and the government. He is proficient in the management of various departments and professionals through an in-depth understanding of critical aspects of the healthcare arena.

Based on his track record of achievements, Mr. Singh joined LifeCare Hospitals in 2017, aimed at providing universal health care to African communities. He started the first hospital at Bungoma followed by Migori, Kikuyu & Meru towns, and worked on a series of 6 more hospitals to be launched by year end 2024.


Dr. John Tole

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Safe Care: Delivering health care which minimizes risks and harm to service users.

Reliable Care: Ability to successfully provide safe and person-centered care repeatedly. That we are effective, efficient and accessible/timely.

Patient Experience: Patients are an integral part of experiencing quality and safety related processes and are the ultimate recipients of care and judges of quality. That we are equitable and patient-centered in service delivery.


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